Nigerians advised to report their ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ neighbour to EFCC

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Nigerians advised to report their ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ neighbour to EFCC

Nigerians have been urged to alert the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC to arrest any person they know that is into internet fraud aka Yahoo Yahoo.

Popular Twitter user, Daniel Regha made the call in a post on Tuesday, July 26 as he said that people should stop enabling scammers.

He explained that whoever reports Yahoo boys they know to the EFCC would be doing themselves and the society a huge favour by bringing an end to the stigmatization that fraudsters brought upon Nigeria.

Daniel wrote; ”If u know anyone who’s into yahoo or any other criminal activity, report that person to the EFCC ASAP & let the person be jailed; U will be doing urself, the person plus society a big favor cos cybercriminals constitute a nuisance & have stigmatized the country. Don’t enable ’em.”

See the post below:


Read how some Nigerians reacted…

@dr_wellsf; Guy your tweet is meaningful, but I want to put some light on the country’s sure to situation cos it’s seems like you’re off the country’s hook… I’m not in support of Yahoo, but in a country where the system has failed both the citizens and the governance, what do you expect.

@Kex_kexx; Daniel you’re just jealous of people doing street. Probably because you can’t afford their lifestyle

@OmogeTreasure; With the state of insecurity and poverty everywhere you’re still concerned about yahoo boys my bother I understand but what will Nigeria turn into if they stop yahoo can you handle the number of boys that will become jobless? Can you continue to move freely on the street?

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